Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Wedding

So.....Big news, I got married! My husband and I were married in the Idaho Falls Temple on July 30, 2009 and I had the pleasure (if you can call it that) of doing my own flowers for my wedding. It was a a great experience and I sure did learn a thing being that it is very difficult to be the bride and the floral designer at the same time, but it can be done. Luckily, I had my sister (who received a degree in horticulture) to do the work with my.

My colors were Tiffany Blue and Cantaloupe aka orange :) I used a wide variety of my favorite flowers consisting of Orchids, Calla Lilies, Tulips, Hydrangea, Roses, and Freesia to name only a few with greens such as green Hypericum berries and Scented Geranium leaves. I have to say everything turned out just the way I wanted it to!
Although this blog is about designing real flowers I had to include a picture of my beautiful cakes! The flowers on the first aren't real but it sure was a stunning cake!

Ren's very talented Aunt made out other cake for us...I topped it with a small cake topper and a few orchids and it sat on top of the biggest hit of the night...our cake table courtesy of Cindy Guthrie :) And the cake topper was done by my talented sister!
For the bouts I wanted something simple. Just a small hand wrapped bout to go right on the lapel. It consisted of orange orchids, hypericum berry and snake grass.
My centerpieces had to be one of my favorite things. We had some tall and some short,they were cute roundy moundys with curly willow coming out the top, that sat on top of beautiful tall square vases full of oranges! Thanks Lauren, you did such a greta job!
Another angle of the centerpieces!

And absolute most favorite part of my wedding bouquet. It was all I wanted it to be. It consisted of tulips, hydragea, callas, roses, hypericum berry and freesia. I collared it with scented geranium foliage that finished it off beautifully!

Overall....although it was stressful but things turned out perfect and I will always look back on my wedding day with a smile.

Thanks again to my wonderful Sister who in reality made everything possible. In reality, I don't know if I would have had flowers without her! :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

From Russia With Love

So its been almost a year since my last post and oh so much in my life has changed! I just returned from the most amazing trip of my life! I had the pleasure of going to Russia on tour with my dance team! We spent 2 1/2 weeks there and had some of the most life changing experiences....Russia is a beautiful places with amazing people and so much history. We were able to visit and perform in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Saratov, Voldograd (sp?) and Rostov! Our concert was well accepted and we were basically celebrities there, it was so much fun! Not only were we dancing our hearts out but had the opportunity to tour and learn so much about Russia. They have many beautiful museums and monuments favortie is definitely St. Basils in Moscw, amazing! So over all Russia was so great and the best part is....I got engaged there! Thats right....I am engaged and it happened in Russia! His name is Ren Guthrie and he is so wonderful! So, I not only left Russia with so many memories, new friends and a stronger testimony but a fiance too! (don't worry he's not some stranger I met in Russia...he was on the team with me :)) There are so many details and stories I would love to tell but it would take all day to type it all out so to my family who I'm sure wants all the me! :) For pictures....visit my facebook page! :) 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My first offcial wedding :)

Thanks to Ashley and Mark I was able to further my experience in wedding flowers. They took a big chance and asked a beginner to do their wedding flowers and after a few glitches we had to overcome I think that they turned out great! The bride loved them and that it was matters right? We did all white lilies, roses, and freesia. Along with a few other accents here and there! It was a great learning experience and I can't wait to do another wedding. Thanks Mark and Ashley for trusting my designing I had so much fun :)

the Bride holding her bouquet

A top view

The happy couple

The center pieces

The wonderful bride and I :)

The end of a wonderful journey....

So my internship officially ended and it was very bitter sweet! I was done August 8th but I just haven't had time to post until now. Over all it was one of the most amazing opportunities I have ever had! It was an eye opening experience and I learned so so so much! I am not going to comment about each of these pictures because that would be ridiculous. But an important thing to be noted is they aren't all my designs....many of them are simple things done by a fellow designer that I either loved or was ablet o be a part of. The Bellagio does beautiful flowers and the designers there are a inspiration. I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with all of them at the Bellagio. So many memories were made and so many friends! Tata for now :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Out on my own...

This week on my intership nothing too exciting happened...but I was depended on for some pretty important things which meant a lot to me. It meant that I was now trusted. My designing is dependable and I am good enough to be alone. It was kind of interesting actually because I was sent to the Mirage to do an area by myself because I was the only one who knew what was going on there and how to do the rounds. Although it was a lot of responsibility it enjoyed it....after I got over the nerves of course :) There wasn't a lot to take pictures of that you haven't already seen but I got to do a few arrangements that were challenging and I am pretty proud of.

This is just lilies and curly willow but I think that it is beautiful. I had to change that water daily meaning that I had to redo it each time...the first time wasn't great but by Friday I was a pro.

This one is nothin special but it is something that I did none the less so I thought that I would include it.

This arrangement is what we do for the spa now...instead of the white callas and it is a headache to deal with. Phaleonopsis orchids are one of the prettiest flowers but they are also so so very fragile and don't last very long when they are cut unless they are taken very good care of and even than it doesn't take long for them to die. I also had to change the water daily with this one and make sure to cut the stems eachday. Because of the flimsyness of the stems it is a very intricate process to get them to look like an arrangement and it was definitely a challenge everyday.

And this one was my biggest feat of the week. It has to be one of the hardest arrangements I have ever done although it may not look that way. To make it look that way it does the stems have to be intertwined with one another to keep them from falling out or down too far into the vase. Like the lilie arrangement it didn't look great the first time I tried and it still isn't perfect but I have definitely made progress. :)

Overall it was a great week. I enjoyed the responsibility I was given and I think that I was able to learn alot.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Two steps forward...

Just like with any other job....there are definitely good weeks vs bad weeks and good days vs bad days with my internship. This last week was an inbetween week with a mixture of good and bad days. Bad is a little harsh....but a few of the days definitely left something to be desired. This week I was in the room most of the time which usually equals complete and udder boredom....but that didn't seem to be the case this week. 2 out of the 5 days I went on rounds as usual (no pictures included because there was nothing new or exciting designed) and the other 3 days I was left in the room to help in retail...and the best part was that 2 out of the 3 days I was actually able to help...YAHOO! Which leads me to the pictures below. This week I got to design and the best part was that I got to design m0re than dozen after dozen roses!

This arrangment was an actual order. It is one of the largest arrangements I have ever done...worth $150. It was so much fun :)

This is one of my favorites! Sometimes the creative juices really get going and you end up with something that you really love and this is one of those pieces. There really isn't enything special about is but I just like it :)

Overall none of the designing was anything spectacular but it felt great to be trusted enough to be allowed to design for customers. They always say that trial and error is the best way to learn and that definitely rings true with floral design. Although it can be very intimidating you just have to step out on a limb and give it a shot....and you are often surprised by what you can do. I know I was and I sure had fun with the creative freedom I was given! At the end of the week I am still just the intern but I definitely feel like I am slowly but surely making progress...and thats what counts. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Another week gone by....

So these last two weeks or so I have been designing less but still learning a lot. I haven't been in any specific place inparticular, but instead have been jumping around to where ever I am needed that day. I have done everything from Bellagio rounds to retail to functions and even spent my first day helping with a wedding. Although I have been keeping busy, like I said none of the things I have been doing have been my own individual design. The things I have been doing have consisted more of imitating others designs or simply replacing flowers in something that has already been designed but needs up keep. Although designing is what teaches me the most there has still been a lot to learn and it has been great.
This is a simple design that goes in a night club at the Bellagio call Caramel. It is placed new every few days and that was one of the many jobs that I did this week.

This is at the Spa in the Bellagio. They calls these the "Niches" and there are 10 of them as you walk down the beautiful dimly lit hall. Everything in the Spa is kept simple to make sure it doesn't take away from the guests relaxing visit.

The two picutres above are in the Wedding Chapel at the Bellagio. They have two small chapels where people can be married and these are the flowers that are done regularly for them. These, along with some larger designs I don't have picutres of are always there in the chapels. The bride can then chose her flowers and they will be placed in the chapel in addition to these flowers.

This is Terry and Jess...just two of the amazing people I have met during my internship :)

Now these are my favorite. This was what I did during my day in functions. These were the center pieces for the cocktail tables at a slot tournament held at the Bellagio last week. My friend Rose designed them and then I assisted in making 60 of them!!! It took us all day but between about 6 of us we got them done. My job was making the sweet palm trees make out of bamboo, zanadoo leaves and Italian rusckus! Aren't they so cute!? :)

And lastly on Friday I got to help with a huge wedding that we did for the Mirage. It was a shocker to see the amount of money that went into this wedding. For many this won't be relevant but to those who know and understand...they had 30 orchid lays!!!! and that was just a simple detail in the wedding...EXPENSIVE! It was so much fun to be a part of it. This is one of the bridesmaids bouquets that I got to make. It was quite the experience. :)

Over all this week was great. I learned again the great importance of mechanics. Not only is it so important to use good mechanices to make sure this don't fall apart but it is just as important to make sure that your mechanics are properly covered so it is not obvious what you have done. Lesson for the week...with weddings, functions and floral design in general good mechanincs are absolutely essential!